Barbara Wall

Barbara Wall is an outstanding writer and author. She has been with Spoken Voices for 10years. When not writing she is an accomplished musician . She is a member of the esteemed Hingham Woodwind Quintet.
In her own words:
Often we will open writer’s session by writing a poem.
On a cold winter’s night in March, Jay prompted us to write about the coming of spring and summer. The change in the seasons was in the air that night - the snow which had accumulated all winter had finally completely melted. What do we hope for? What does the coming of spring and summer make us think of?
Here are some things that came to mind:

Tiny red buds growing into full green leaves
Seeds, the warm greenhouse, plantings ready for the earth
Warm, gentle rain, feeding nature’s soul
Colors galore – yellow daffodils, fragrant purple lilacs, sunflowers bursting with joy!
Windows open to sensual breezes
Harvests of asparagus, lettuce, basil and tomatoes
Sand between my toes and salt on my tongue.

Barbara Wall Lobosco, 3/15/2011

Being up the learning curve
A place of ease
A heart grown wider
A family ever more joyful
My center restored.

Barbara Wall Lobosco, 3/15/2011

Several months later, in late May, it finally felt like spring was upon us. We’d had a cold, wet April and everyone was ready for a real spring. For me, late spring meant the grandiose arrival of the peonies just that day, one of my favorite flowers. (see poem below)

Tall, proud, bursting with color
    Fuscia, white, pink
Just this morning you were a tight-lipped bud
    Waiting to speak your peace
But now, as dusk falls,
you stand tall in majestic silence
Burst wide open
Petals unfolded in layer upon layer of glory
I drink in your
color, fragrance and beauty
Quietly now, you await the dew drops fall
Reward for a day’s work well done.


Barbara Wall Lobosco, 5/31/2011