Wiesy MacMillan

When not engaged in my primary career as a school based occupational therapist, I am a writer, illustrator/artist, and photographer.  I am the illustrator, under my alias P.J.Wiesner, of  “Celia, in the Land of Discouraging Words”,  a children’s book, written by Carolyn Houghton Walsh. 

My illustrations have also been published in a local paper, The Duxbury Clipper,  on storytelling CD covers, and in articles and brochures.  As one of the original members of Jay O’Callahan’s writing group, now know as “Spoken Voices”, I’ve enjoyed some twelve years of writing on Tuesday nights, my imagination fueled by  Jay’s many “sparks”.  Listening to a chorus of bull frogs on a summer’s night, looking at an old photograph, the scent of lily bells or mint, touching a piece of fabric, hearing a poem, are just a few of the sparks that have set my pen in motion. Over the years the seeds for at least three potential children’s and young adult books were sown at Jay’s, with one now in it’s final stages.  Several years ago I was also fortunate to join a great local writer’s critique group through the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators.

I live south of Boston, in a town by the sea. I love taking long walks with my beagle on the beach, especially at sunrise or sunset or when a full moon is rising. I am blessed with two beautiful grandsons who live close by. My passion and concerns for nature, animals ,domestic and wild, and my rich experiences with children over the years are often reflected in my writing.

“I like the excitement of seeing what my pen has written once I start to write. On many occasions I have been pleasantly surprised, and at times horrified by what my characters are doing, or by the direction my story has taken. It’s always interesting to see what happens when my imagination is unleashed.”  9/2012

Chipmunk at the Feeder
Small, striped, see him scurry,
Beneath the feeder tray,
Amidst the bird seed flurry,
At anytime of day.

He darts up porch steps,
Settles in a seedling pot.
He perches high on stone frog,
Surveys options without regrets.

His body long, his stripes stretched,
He nibbles snacks in the lawn.
He sits high on hind two feet,
To see the things that warn.


Wiesy MacMillan is a  published author and has been a member of spoken voices since 1998
Wiesy is working on several novels .